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Please note Delivery charge full free. And Cash On Delivery is available India, Bangladesh, Burma
India Delivery time 4/5 days
Bangladesh Delivery time 5/7 days
Burma Delivery time 5/7 days
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Dildo Vibration

India 1999 INR
Bangladesh 3999 BDT
Burma 5999 MKK

Male Pussy Vibrator

India 2399 INR
Bangladesh 4999 BDT
Burma 61199 MKK

Flash Light Pussy

India 2199 INR
Bangladesh 4299 BDT
Burma 58199 MKK

Belt Dildo

India 2299 INR
Bangladesh 4599 BDT
Burma 59999 MKK

India 1299 INR
Bangladesh 2699 BDT
Burma 37999 MKK

Personal Massager

India 1599 INR
Bangladesh 3599 BDT
Burma 56999 MKK

Just so you know, cash on delivery is available in selected 3 country. When the Product reaches your country we will again let you know for receive your Product. We don’t take any money for conform your order. So if you don’t receive this Product don’t Place your order thank you so much​